Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Workshop Wednesday-Shop Potpourri

 This is just a mix of pics I found in my phone. All of them were taken at work. The mind is a funny thing and I have no idea what I was thinking when I took these pics. I'll be happy to use them in this blog then delete them from my phone. You, unfortunately, will have to suffer through this meaningless drivel and never find anything interesting.

 I like fixing chainsaws, trimmers and other handheld equipment. Some days it's just an endless flow of repair work, other days the repairs may be slower but I can't think of when the last slow day was. When a customer brings in their equipment, we fill out a work order. Some times the work order has very specific requests on it. Others times not. "Runs like crap" is a bit vague but I prefer it to some of the guess work customers offer when they bring in their broken equipment.

I saw a stack of new shovels and for some reason thought they were picture worthy. Can you dig it?

 Because we are a rental center and a repair facility, we encounter a lot of dead batteries. Portable jump packs are pretty handy and we have a few of them. This one accidentally got monster trucked when someone drove off while it was still hooked to a vehicle.

 I'm not even sure what the heck is going on here. A generator mounted on a push mower  with an electric lawn mower in tow.

 There's only one way this can happen. This stump grinder was out on rental when it accidentally rolled down a hill and into the drink. The tail pipe filled with mud as it tumbled down the hill. I understand the recovery process was quite an ordeal but unfortunately I don't have those pics.

 If you use slime in your tires you should expect to pay more for repairs and this is why. What a mess.

 And finally, a wet ride to work on the bike is better than any ride in the truck.

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