Wednesday, September 21, 2016

100 Grit

 I told you my plan is to take the sportster to the bike show this coming weekend and that's still the plan. The problem is that the sporty is in pretty rough shape. After removing the eagle sissy bar I wasn't able to haul a bacpac so I was using a magnetic tank bag. Well that bag wore through the paint on the tank so now the bike needs a fresh coat of Rustoleum. After removing all the tins I started sanding everything down. My wife caught the moment...

 As I was sanding off the layers of paint I found the old lightning bolt paint job. That's what the white lines are in this pic.

 As you can see, the world is my paint booth. I gotta say though, the city garbage cans are just the right height for this type of work. Ya, I don't take painting very seriously. By the time I got around to painting the tank, it was dark outside and I was trying to swat skeeters while painting. This morning it's obvious I'm gonna be a day behind because I need to sand the tank back down and squirt it again. I don't expect perfection but it was pretty bad.



  1. Hey Scott, see you in Leland Sunday? I'll be on a blue Honda 400 Automatic.....if the chain don't break.

  2. Yes! Thanks for the reminder. Unfortunately the two bikes that fit into the Slimey Crud scene aren't up to the trip. I'll be on a black and silver Ultra and may be traveling in a small group.

  3. On second thought, I may dump the oil in the primary and take a look at what might be ailing the sportster.

    1. We're typically on the pond side, often depends on when we get there too. There's renewed interest in Pine Bluff and Leland this year, we'll see. Breakfast at the airport has become Our Deal and these last visits have there have been extra slow. Leland for sure though.