Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Blank Screen

  Sometimes when I'm ready to write a blog post I have content in my head that just needs to be converted to words. Other times I have a pic that needs and explanation. And then other times, like now, I got jack shit.
 I'm looking at a blank screen. I can tell you anything I want but I really don't have anything to report. The bike related stuff is minimal this week. I rode the sportster yesterday and met some guy at the shop that was telling me about a cool bike he saw with a tractor seat and barbed wire. Ya, I've seen that bike :-)
 Sometimes I hear things or make observations and record them in my phone. I look at them periodically to see if they are blog worthy. They never are and I'll prove it.
"The pancakes are just a carrier for the syrup". It's true I like the butter pecan syrup at IHOP. I even bought a gallon of it from them. So what.
 "How does the inside or a parts washer get so dirty?" You'd think it would be shiny clean.
Here's another one. The other day my daughter asked to borrow a hair tie. That just seemed weird to me. Weird enough that I wrote it down.
That's enough for now. It's time for you to meet Oliver.

 I know he looks like a cat but in reality, Oliver is a jack ass. Anyone who says different is a liar. If you give him the wrong type of treats he just turns up his rat nose, gives you a dirty look and walks away. The only reason he is in this pet carrier is because he knew we wanted to use it for something else. He's just being a pain in the ass. This is also the same cat that broke one of my daughters cds, just to be a jerk. Quite a feat for a cat. I call him Oliver Rodenzo, because he looks like a rodent. This rat cat can drop ass and clear a room in no time and is also an endless source of fur balls. Lucky for me he's an unsociable bastard and I rarely see him.

 I started watching the 3 part series "Harley and the Davidsons" on the Discovery channel. At the time of this writing I've only seen the first and second episodes. Things move pretty fast in this show and I don't know (or care) how accurate the portrayal is but I'm enjoying it. It's kinda neat to see how this sport we enjoy so much got started. It's about bikes and no one is building a chopper or arguing about deadlines. This is old school before it got old.


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