Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Green Lake Bike Show Overview

 On Sunday I took my sportster to the show in Green Lake and had a pretty good time.
 On the way to the show the bike was making an odd noise coming from behind the primary cover and during a restart I got a sense that things weren't meshing as smooth as they should be. I'll investigate when I get a chance.
 Some of the bikes in the show included these three Hondas owned by some local young guys. After talking with them I got the impression I'd be seeing more cool custom work from them in the future.

 For me, the best bike in the show was this green flamed Honda. For whatever reason, he didn't place well in the show despite the obvious huge amount of time he'd spent working on this bike. Life ain't fair sometimes.

 I was approached by one of the show organizers and asked if I would fill in for a judge that couldn't make it there. Of course I said yes and grabbed the clip board and began scrutinizing the bikes in the European class.

 These were some of the older Triumphs in that class which also included newer Triumphs and BMW. How do you judge a near perfect 60's or 70's restoration against a few year old Rocket III? Well I did my best despite the fact that the only rain we got was while I was examining these rides. In the end, the right bike won (in my opinion).
 An how about my bike? Well first, I didn't realize the Rat Turd had such a big following because a lot of people asked why I didn't bring it. The bike I did bring got a second place award in its class but more importantly it got the peoples choice award!

  The next surprise I got was when they drew the 50/50 raffle. You guessed it, I won that too. Because this event was a fundraiser for the local animal shelter and because that shelter accepted a cat after my mom passed away, I donated my winnings back to the shelter. I know, what a guy.
 Sunday is the Slimey Crud Run. I gotta figure out what bike is capable of making the journey and whos going. Maybe I'll see you there.



  1. Congrats on the wins - both of them. I have never quite figured out judging at these types of events as the bikes I like never seem to place well. I guess that's where the people's choice awards come in.

  2. Thank You. The format for this event is broken down into categories rated 1-10. For example, "paint" which leaves a lot open to the judges interpretation. Rate it, at the totals and bang, you have a winner!