Wednesday, February 8, 2017

No Bearing

 I got to workin on the BSA last weekend and thought I was making some progress.

 I found a bunch of parts that all looked like they belonged together and so I cleaned them up and started assembly. It soon became obvious I was missing something. A close inspection of the above pic will make it clear whats missing.
 I'll make it easier for you.

 I'm missing 20 bearings that should be supporting the clutch basket. I can't find them anywhere but I'll make one more lap around the shop just to be sure. I took this apart some time in the 1990's and I don't remember the disassembly in detail but I can see that it would be easy to pull this apart and have the bearings all hit the ground. What I may have done with them if I even found them all is uncertain.
 For now the plan is to take a look at what other parts I may need to finish assembly of the engine before I place an order for old Brit parts.
 I suppose I could move on to other parts of the bike assembly. I'll keep you posted.



  1. I can see where that might be a *small* problem. Interesting though that it's loose bearings and not caged.

  2. Well my repair manual shows a blurry picture of what appears to be a caged bearing. I then went online to find a part number and it showed and individual bearing at a low price but showed quantity required at twenty. I may have to order by phone to get it right.

  3. If I remember correctly it's the same clutch setup as the later 650 unit Triumph and it takes 20 roller bearings. You could use a parts book, real handy cause it shows all the parts! Can download one here: