Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Bike Storage

 Friday the temps are supposed to get up to dang near fifty degrees and I'm thinking the Ultra may have to come out and play at least for a short ride. I won't tuck that one away yet, but he sporty was drained of fuel and the tank was removed for sanding. I'm hoping I'll get to paint it this winter. What color is still a mystery.

 I was gonna store the sportster in my enclosed trailer but I have plans to use that soon so I'll just push it into a shed for now. The goal here is to clear this garage bay for my wifes BMW. The other bay will get the Subaru. The plan is to have that bay cleared enough so when guests come to visit on Thursday, they can help push the car in the garage. You wants to eat? Push da car. You may remember that we blew the engine in that car a few weeks ago. Once inside I can tear into it and find out what its gonna take to get it back on the road.

 The Rat Turd has a special spot in the living room but that spot is still occupied by furnature from the bedroom remodel. I found a temporary spot for it in the house and actually kind of like it here.

 I often think I need more garage space but then I realize I would probably just fill it up with crap and still be short of needed space. Some day I'll figure it out.
 If you're coming to my house tomorrow for Thanksgiving then plan on being put to work. For the rest of you, I wish you a happy holiday.



  1. Yesterday was a mid 50's day here I waited all day for someone to show up that never came. Our 3 bikes have the tenders on and Stable in the tanks. When I went to put the tender on the H-D the manual showed a factory cable and plug under the side cover at first I couldn't find it. Then there it was looked like last year it was unplugged and left laying on the drive belt. Can't believe it didn't short out as it was pretty ground up with both having bare spots. So much for Dealer storage and spring prep.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and family.

  2. Thanks Dan, we had a nice day. The tender plug on my bike just hangs down all the time. Never considered that it might have a home behind the side cover.