Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cat Toys

  I wonder if cats think we put up trees for their amusement. Thats normally the way it unfolds around here but our tree is up and the cats haven't destroyed it yet. Not a single ornament is out of place. There is no evidence of kitty kat tether ball, ornament punching bag or "sending" any decorations croquet style. I've knocked more ornaments on the floor just turning the lights on and off. Nobody is looking so I figured it would be ok to give Oliver a few scratches as a reward. I'll pet the kitty.

 Uh oh, denied. He shook it off. I suspect this spawn of satan just tolerates me until his evil plan unfolds. Maybe a gift unwrapping session while we sleep or a Mount Everest climbing expedition right before guests arrive. Hes up to something and the other cat is in cahoots with him. I know this is true because typically she would approach the tree like, "oh look at this, something shiny. I must swat at it and not stop till someone freaks out at me".

 I know that you know that I know you're up to something so just watch yourself. Don't look so grateful you old clump of coal. Frickin cat is grumpier than I am.


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