Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Big Bucket Of Carbs

 In the small engine repair world, sometimes its easier and cheaper to replaced a carb than it is to rebuild it. Sometimes its necessary. When this happens I guess the old carbs could go in the scrap metal dumpster but many of them find their way into the "big bucket of carbs". I dig through this bucket every week or two looking for carb parts or screws for other repairs.

 I often wondered how many were in the bucket and after a search for a part, decided a quick count was in order. Then for whatever reason I decided it would be fun to have everyone throw a buck in the pot and take a stab at guessing how many. Winner takes all. Its not like we don't have other shit going on but sometimes you gotta take a company fiver.

 How many were there? Ill give you time to think about it while I tell you about how I hurt my arm at work. Turns out the injury came from patting myself on the back. See, our turf applications crew runs a variety of different sprayers and most of them use an electric 12 volt pump. These pumps run a lot of hours and are pretty reliable but every now and then one needs to come apart for service.

 This is the motor and half the pump. Seven of the eight screws are out but one is broken off in that aluminum housing. We already ordered a $50 rebuild kit so it was important to get that last screw out clean without wrecking the whole thing. I decided to just freehand drill the 8-32 screw with the bit needed to re-tap the hole to that size. I couldn't do it from the side where the screw was exposed because the drill chuck wouldn't clear the pump motor. This meant the bit had to pass through 3/4" of housing before it hit the screw which was 1/2" long. Good luck getting that straight, right? I guess I was lucky cuz BLAMO!

 The drill hit dead center and just left the threads in the hole. When I ran the tap through it pushed those threads out. Its not like we're working on the space shuttle here but its nice when these things turn out as planned. The pump was saved.
 Whats your big bucket of carbs guess? James won with a guess of 100. The actual total was one hundred and eighteen.


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