Sunday, November 11, 2018

New Kicks

 Oh my aching dogs! My feet were killing me and I couldn't explain why. That's a problem for me as I can't even handle a little bit of "sock slippage" without having to stop and adjust things. Turns out my steel toe boot actually has an aluminum toe and somehow it got crushed a bit. I don't remember it happening and I have to wonder if gremlins hammered on them while they weren't on my feet. If I dare stick my hand in there I can feel the whole leading edge of the aluminum toe is bent down with a more severe bend near the pinky toe. My solution has been wearing my riding boots to work all week but that needs to end or I'll wreck them, so the decision was made to buy new footwear for work.
 The older I get, the less aggressive I've been with boot selection as far as height, and construction. Lately I've been buying mid height, water proof hiking styled work boots with toe protection. I suppose the biggest reason is that when I'm "in the field" I'm not doing a lot of physical labor. The rest of the time I'm in an indoor shop setting, driving a truck or sleeping at my desk. Well not really but that's what they think so whatever.
 Also the older I get the more I want to buy an American made product. I wasn't thinking about this when I stopped at the shoe store. I just assumed I'd have that option. To assume is to make an ASS out of U and ME.

 You may or may not recognize this store. It doesn't matter and I'm not gonna say where it was because I don't want to give them an ounce of publicity. The point is that there were three or four aisles like this full of work boots and only two individual styles of boot to choose from that were made, or at least assembled, here in the USA. Even the Red Wings were the China versions. If they had more I couldn't find them and neither could the dude working there.

 I know there are other choices out there but just not at this store. Driving around all day or ordering boots online wasn't an option so I'm gonna give these a try.

 They are waterproof and steel toed so they meet my requirements. They've been on my feet about five hours as of this writing and comfort is great. I really hope these American built boots hold up at least as long as the China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia built boots that fill our stores.


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