Sunday, November 18, 2018

Rat Up Close

 I've been thinking the Rat isn't done yet, like it needs some sort of weird front suspension. I suppose I should get back to scribbling ideas and scavenging parts for it so when next years bike shows roll around I'm ready. I guess the rest of the bike could be pretty much done, but as I scroll through these pics I see some areas that may benefit from a torch, welder and grinder.

 I think one of the neatest ideas on this bike is in the above pic but most people never notice it. The handlebars exit the triple tree from the wrong sides. I should clean up all the garbage to show that off better. Actually it was an experiment that worked. I should just redo them with heavier tube and hide the wires.

 I suppose this rat face would look a lot different if I had my airbrush setup going at the time. I'm not saying better, just different.

 I wanted a 4 into one header so I built one. I'm a cheap bastard.

 I like this pic. Those fins need some attention, maybe from a grinder.

 There was a short run one year when I just threw anything laying around onto the bike. That big chain and the copper tubing fall into that category.

 The crest was fun to make. Tied down wrenches represent big ideas and little funds. Bike versus deer is all about a week I earned in the hospital. Damn forest rats. The whole crest with its shape and red/blue color represent the us interstate symbol from a time when I was into iron Butt rides.

 Someone once gave me shit about how that barbed wire was gonna tear me open if I went over the bars. If I go over the bars theres a good chance I'll already be visiting a doctor. I'm sure he'd be happy to put a few band aids on my scratches after he's set my broken bones.

 This expanded metal front fender/spider web was a challenge. Trying to bend it round in two different directions and keep it symmetrical wasn't easy. 
 I've also been thinking any effort into this could be better spent on the sportster or BSA. I guess we'll see where things go this winter.


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