Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bathroom Remodel And Foul Odors

 Progress on the upstairs bathroom remodel is turtlesque. Slow, but its moving so thats a good thing. I used an epoxy kit from Rustoleum to change our avocado colored tub to basic white. The kit works well enough but plan on having good ventilation. The fumes are terrible and thats coming from someone not usually annoyed by foul odors, including those produced by a certain coworker that once released an odor so vile that it was mistaken for a terrorist act.
 We had some problems with loose tiles and decided to just slap a tub surround over the walls. It will be cheap and easy enough while being completely hidden from view with the frosted shower doors closed. Hey, this ain't the Ritz so its all good. The rest of the tiles that are still visible are in good shape and will be left alone. Years from now someone will tear into this bathroom and wonder what heck I was thinking by doing it this way but I won't care. I'll be drooling on a checker board in an old folks home telling stories about bike rides or how when I was a kid we had to walk ten miles to school uphill both ways in the dark.

  This is where the project stands right now. I could have done the panel on the left but I just didn't feel like it last night. The panel on the right can't be done till I buy the faucet and shower head. I suppose I also need some non-slip strips for the bottom of the tub. Should I go with ducks or a nice fish motif?



  1. I was wondering how well the Rustoleum kit worked. Was this on a metal or plastic tub?

  2. Its metal. I recommend one coat then walk away. I tried recoating in an hour and had some problems with the base being too tacky. Probably my fault because I dont remember if the directions said to recoat in an hour or within an hour.