Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Stake Puller Wrap Up

 Yesterday I asked coworkers Dan and Adrian to help finish up the stake puller project. Partially because Al and I were swamped with other projects but mostly because I believe if you help build a piece of equipment you will better understand its limitations. Along with that goes pride in workmanship, respect and all that other bs.
 My brother stopped by the shop and spotted the stake puller. He stated he wanted to stick around and see it in action. I gave him  hard time because I thought I had already posted a video on this blog of the unit in action when it was running off the hydraulics of a larger tractor. They needed the unit for a big tent job and it proved its worth by pulling tough stakes through asphalt. I guess I never actually posted that video.
 Now the stake puller is set up with a pto pump and its own hydraulic reservoir. It is a stand alone attachment that can be run off any tractor with a three point and pto which means we always have a backup tractor if needed.
 If yer gonna test a stake puller, first you need to pound a stake.

 The stake was going in hard enough that Dan decided to grab a different tool.

 Heres the video of the puller in action. Everyone agrees we should have enough power for even the toughest stakes. I like overkill.


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