Sunday, April 7, 2019

Honey Do List-Bathroom Remodel

  Part of our bathroom remodel will be changing the color of a perfectly good bath tub from green to white. I want to get this part of the job done first because if it doesn't turn out the way I want then the tub will have to be removed with a sledge hammer. That could be messy. The epoxy kit I bought seems pretty straight forward but like all painting projects the prep work is the most important part. Removing caulk, hard water stains and some type of textured no-slip material will be the bulk of the work.
 Because the project has now officially started, the ideas are flowing and we decided to go to Menards for some more ideas and to pick up some vinyl flooring. The gal that was helping us with the flooring was a real piece of work. After she was unable to answer a few basic questions she started arguing with me about whether or not the roll would fit in the car. The rolls are 12' long and I requested an eight foot length rolled so that it was only eight foot long rather than the natural 12 feet as it comes off the spool. Its not hard to do and a couple of weeks earlier at a different location another worker did it with carpeting. "Can't you just hang it out the window?" No I said. Does she not realize that the wind at 55 mph will just fold the thin flooring and kink it? Also the hour ride and cool temps made having a window open less than desirable.
 Our rocket scientist then discovers that they are out of the style we chose. She checked back stock and none was left. I pointed at a remnant roll of the style we wanted that was no more than 3' away from where she was standing and said we'd take that if it could be rolled the other way. The roll was clearly marked as being 9.5' long (by the standard 12' width). This lazy bitch had no interest in rolling it the other way and held up her thumb and forefinger stating "It doesn't make sense to roll it the other way it will only save this much room". No I said, It will make it 2.5' feet shorter. I don't think she believed me because she rolled her eyes at me. "Well I don't have enough room to do that". Another load of shit because that carpeting from a couple weeks ago was re-rolled in a four foot aisle. This aisle was easily 12 foot plus. I just told her I'd take the roll and if it didn't fit in the car I'd re-roll it without her in the parking lot. I knew that carpet I hauled turned out to be 8'6" and was butted against the lift gate on one end while the other end was sitting on the center console. This roll at 12' would surely be on the dash, I just didn't know if it would be smashed against the windshield.
 We continued shopping and I just kept getting more upset and may have used the Cword to describe her. Thats out of character for me and my wife didn't appreciate it much especially because I didn't tone down my voice when I said it. Its getting hard to find places where customer service doesn't get people all worked up. I can forgive incompetence if a person is at least trying to do their job. Its laziness that pisses me off. We finished shopping and I was just getting settled down when the nice lady at the check out asked if we needed help loading it. I said no but if we did there was a woman in the flooring department I wanted to come out and help.

End rant.

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