Sunday, June 9, 2019

Bathroom Remodel Wrap Up

 Ya I know you're getting sick of hearing about this damn bathroom remodel but I promise this is the final post unless theres a huge failure that makes it blog worthy.

 In earlier posts you may remember there was a picture here of a forest or garden or something green. It was put up because underneath it was a boy band poster that has become a permanent part of the wall. When we tried to remove it the drywall paper was coming up. The simple solution is to bury it deeper with something fun like this v-twin. Our house. We like it. End of discussion.

 Moving left around the room we pass the tub. Before I start a project like this I try to envision what I want the end product to be. Because of the ultra slow pace, there was time to make changes as we went along. That shower panel changes the entire feel of where I thought this project was going.

 Continuing left we pass a closet. Not much to report here except some fun detail like the door knob.

 Still moving counter clockwise. I have mixed feelings about the curtain. Just the fact that I wrote that should get my wife searching for something with a motorcycle theme :-)
 I wanted a bigger sink/vanity but getting something bigger up the spiral staircase would have been difficult. I also wanted a urinal but wasn't willing to make the huge plumbing commitment needed to make that happen. Just because I didn't get those things doesn't mean I don't like it. It should serve us well.

 Another fun detail.

 And finally the BSA. Maybe looking at this pic when I'm standing there with my crank in my hand will get me motivated to finish that project. Just to put things more into perspective, I took that picture when I was in high school photography class. It didn't run then either. Procrastinating on this BSA project has become a life long ordeal.


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