Sunday, October 13, 2019

Even More New Toolbox!

 I showed you my new 72" toolbox and the hutch I made that sits on it. I then showed you the 26" top box that I added to the mix. Now I'm going to show you the side locker addition.

 I had a locker that I sold with the old setup but that was a Series 1 locker and was not as deep as the new boxes. The addition of this locker really frees things up for me. I'm not using it for hanging clothes like I did with the old locker. I'm using it for storing bigger cases and tool kits that don't fit in regular tool box drawers. This could be all the bigger I need to go as long as I stay in this line of work with varied repairs on smaller equipment. Notice how I left the possibility of going bigger? I know my wife did. In an earlier post I mentioned that the different styles of boxes didn't bother me but now that I see the locker on there I want to make an adjustment. It looks like the locker is hanging too high because the bottom isn't even with the 72 but thats how the mounting bracket lines up. The top is level with the hutch and I have a plan to clean up the bottom of the locker but for now we'll deal with the 26" box.

  When I'm sitting in front of the hutch using the laptop, I often print out paperwork for reports or billing. I need a flat writing surface and place to stack those papers temporarily. In the pic above I drew a blue line to show how I want to raise the 26 to be flush with the locker and hutch. The blue square under the box represents where I want to put a slide out tabletop that will raise and support that box. That tabletop will also offer a place to set down tool cases that I pull out of the locker. I suppose it could also be used as a work surface. It just occurred to me that I should make this work surface big enough for an Automower but I'm not sure if thats possible. (short mental pause while I work out the idea of a fold out top) It seems like a simple enough project that could pay off big in terms of functionality.
 The yellow lines represent a gap between the hutch and top box. Right now I just have a box of bitch mittens stuffed in there but they could be stored anywhere. I'm still in the idea stage but I'm thinking about building some kind of slide out rack. This rack could possibly have a flat side that faces the computer hutch and have space for work orders. The deeper side might have bins for nuts, bolts or maybe consumables like sealers, tape and glue. I only have about three inches to work with so there will be some limitations on what I can do.
 I'm using the big bottom drawer of the 72 incher as a dresser drawer. Its full of clothes. If I ever need that drawer for tools I figure I can build a storage cabinet over the hutch. The clothes are not accessed often because its stuff like rain gear, sweatshirts, hats, gloves and the like. Because I look back at this blog for notes on projects I need to add this thought. Any storage cabinet on the hutch and locker should be tall enough to just clear the lid of the 26 when its open. A future overhang with lighting and speakers would be cool. The boss won't build a wall to separate me from the rest of the shop so I might as well build one out of tool boxes.
 I like these Harbor Freight US General tool boxes. Sure the big name brand boxes are fun to look at but I wouldn't want to have to pay for one. Even the new Harbor Freight Icon branded boxes are too high priced for me. Would all the fancy features be nice? You bet. Can I modify these boxes enough to keep myself happy? You know I can.


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