Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Dealing With The Heat

 Its been hot here in central Wisconsin this week and they say we're in for about a ten day run of hell on Earth. Everyone deals with the heat a little differently but for the most part I see a lot of guys at work wearing shorts along with t-shirts that really aren't much of a shirt anymore. Big floor fans blast away toward work areas while an industrial dehumidifier runs in the background.  Shop rags become beach towels filled with sweat while drinking water jugs do some sweating of their own. We keep the shop doors closed in this kind of humidity and while it is a bit cooler than outside, it seems stuffy to me. One advantage that you don't notice right away unless you think about years past is that everything in the shop isn't slimey from the humidity. Running that industrial dehumidifier isn't as cool as an air conditioner but it does make a difference.  BTW, I still wear long pants, t-shirt and work shirt. I also prefer the comfort of a thick cushion sock over some thin sock, despite the heat. I'd rather have a bead of sweat rolling down my ass crack than an icicle hanging from my nose hair. Yesterday just for fun I wore a knit hat for a while just to watch coworkers freak out a little. I mean really, its like a tropical paradise out here. If I were on vacation I'd expect nothing less.
 Another way I deal with the heat is to try to avoid it when possible. I prefer my radiation in small doses please. I haven't ridden the bike to work yet this week but thats not just because of the daily heat but rather the fact that I rode it on Sunday long enough to get a nasty sun burn. Now if I'm outside in the sun I can feel the skin on my face cracking. The heat doesn't bother me, its the pain I could do without.
 I thought I'd be out in the garage each night getting some of that makeover stuff accomplished but its another one of those areas I'm trying to avoid.

  Now I know I said the heat doesn't bother me and its true my fridge is stocked up with cold beers but dang near a hundred is hard to take after a long day of listening to whining about how miserable it is outside. Knowing the a/c is on just inside the house has lured me in to a few nights of youtube videos from the easy chair so garage makeover progress reports are non existent. 

Stay cool.


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