Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Gotta Vent About A Fan

 Ha, gotcha! I don't have fans, just a few followers with extra time on their hands. This post is about an actual electric fan. I know, exciting stuff. Its whats going on so its what I report.
 Part of the garage makeover includes insulating the garage and that means I need to vent the attic. During this last heat wave it got up to about 1.3 kajillion degrees up there and in a sweaty panic to decide how to vent the attic I bought a power vent that came with a thermostat.

 Because the soffit on the garage isn't perforated and because I still have some big expenses left on this project, I elected to do this gable vent fan. It should work fine once I have the inlet vents installed on the other end. I installed the fan before painting the floor because I wanted to vent paint fumes during that operation. The fan worked well and I think I'll be able to use it in another way besides cooling down the attic. If I have fumes in the garage after the ceiling is installed, all I have to do is prop open the attic ladder and turn the fan on. I'm not sure how much it will draw or how fast but I'm hoping I could weld in there with the garage doors down, or one just open a little bit. We'll see.

 Installation of the vent and fan were pretty easy. The old clapboard siding was easy to access near the peak of the roof and cut like butter. I screwed a couple 1 x 4's in place and screwed the fan to them.

 And finally a shot from the outside.

 This was the easy end to install. The other end will have two inlet vents which are actually very easy to install if you can access both sides. Because the other end is over a glass greenhouse I can't access it. At least not with a ladder or from the roof. The vents are two piece and the outer piece snaps into the inner. I figure if I cut both the holes in the wall for the two vents then I can just reach out one of the holes to snap the first vent into place. The second vent is going to require some thinking. I'm treating it like a puzzle. I know there must be a way to solve the problem and I'll keep trying until I figure it out. The thing is, I need to be sure it can be done before cutting holes in the garage. In practice runs I've tried using strings to pull the outer piece into the inner piece. I keep finding myself cheating and looking at the other side to line things up. Of course I won't be able to do this if I'm inside the attic. Another option might be to somehow secure the outer half and then snap the inner half to it. I'm not sure yet how to get it done but I'll let you know when I do.


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