Sunday, July 5, 2020

Parts Cabinet Update

 Todays video is a garage makeover update of sorts. I basically report that there has been limited progress but its also an update about the hardware cabinet I built and my long wait from harbor freight for some bins I ordered. 
 Ya know, some places you order things from are Johnny on the spot quick to fulfill those orders or make them right if theres a problem. The customer comes first and all that. That doesn't appear to be the case with harbor freight. Their policy seems to be to cancel orders that they haven't gotten around to filling in a respectable amount of time. They just cancel them and leave you hangin without notice. After a month of waiting and only getting one piece of a nine piece order, I called them. They said it would be another twenty days. I let a month pass and noticed on the web site that my order status changed from "pending" to "unable to fulfill". I never got an email notice of the status change. I used the phone system to check my order status and it was "pending". I called and talked with a rep that stated they had cancelled my order. That pissed me off. I'm sitting here waiting for an order that they decided they weren't gonna fulfill. Because of their policy to include all the shipping charges in the first piece they sent, I know that I could have driven to the local store 45 miles away and come out ahead including the cost of fuel. (Insert bullshit button here). I also found out that every order you check on using the phone system is reported as "pending". The rep said he was gonna make sure the order was cancelled and then reorder it. I told him I didn't give a shit how he handles things on his end as long as I got my stuff and he didn't charge me shipping again. A week later I did get my bins but upon checking my order status online I find that they changed it to "pending". What a joke.


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