Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Congrats Kenzie and Tyler

  I mentioned that our middle daughter Mackenzie was getting married last weekend and sure enough she did. She and Tyler originally had plans for a large wedding up nort there hey dontcha know but the coof kinda screwed that all up. They struggled with the idea of moving forward with plans but would have felt terrible if their nuptials turned out to be the reason someone hocked up a lung. There was talk of just going to the courthouse and having judge Judy make it official but thats not what little girls dream of when they think about gettin hitched. There had to be some kind of compromise and it turns out a "micro wedding" was the answer. The total number in attendance would be them plus eight. Two more if you count the preacher and photographer. Parents and siblings, that was it.

 At first I felt sorry for them. They had been making plans and saving money for a long time only to be sucker punched by the plague. Luckily for them the place they booked for the celebration gave them a refund on their hard earned coin. As it turns out, Tyler and his family have friends that have a wedding barn venue and when they found out the big whoop de do  was in the crapper, offered to host their micro wedding.

 After being involved in this micro wedding I realized I didn't need to feel sorry for them. It was a wonderful event with close family members. No pressure, no drama, no coworkers getting smashed and creating a scene. No long lost cousins eating up your time. No fake friends showing up for food and drink only. Don't get me wrong, weddings can be a wonderful thing but they can be an exercise in micro drama as well. And guess what? They can still have a blowout one year anniversary party/reception if they want all that drama. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. Congratulations Kenzie and Tyler! 


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