Wednesday, September 2, 2020

More Home DIY

  I know it seems like all I've been doing is DIY around the house and its kinda true. Don't you think by now I should be done? If you're a home owner then you know better. Just the projects that represent an iron in the fire include finishing painting the garage...except I need to replace some of the lap board siding that has become soft over the years. I recovered that siding from inside the parts room but of coarse first I had to clean the parts room. Do you see a pattern here? Its all connected. I started edging the drive for sealer and started a landscaping project on the north side of the house that will include a new pad for our garbage cans. Couldn't replace a door till I removed a ramp that I used to push motorcycles into the shop. Can't make the garbage can pad till I finish the 'scaping on the other end and decide what material I will use. Gotta pressure wash about 50' of private sidewalk but need to edge that walk first. Oh, I still need to prime and paint a couple of lower level windows too. If I get all this done before the weather turns cold I'll have met my DIY goals for the year...and then some. 

 Ya I know this is just a dumb pic of a piece of siding I'm about to paint. The siding isn't really the subject of this pic. The real story here is where I'm painting it. This is the inside of the 10 x 10 parts room that I would never show you on video. It really did look like a scene from that show about hoarders.

 I know it looks messy and it still is. I'm in the process of cleaning it but this siding project needed to be bumped up due to some other work that is being done between mine and the neighbors garage. 

 Looking back toward the garage you can see a large 2' deep metal shelf. I'm thinking this will partially be for power tool storage like sawzall, circular saw and drills. Behind that shelf is where I salvaged the lap board from.

 If you followed along this far then you are probably a true follower of this blog. It was pointed out to me that some people don't see my video post links in the Sunday editions. I'm not sure if its a facebook thing or smart phone thing but I've posted a video every Sunday for months now without missing a beat but for some reason the links don't always come up. So if you're one of the peeps that think I was slacking off and not making videos then you can just go to my you tube channel and see them there. They're all pure gold. In fact why not just subscribe to my youtube channel then you'll never miss out. I'm not on some kind of subscriber hunt but because I waste so much time making those stupid videos I just want to make sure that if you're willing to watch them that you know how to find them. If you are already catching the vids every week then, thanks for watching...


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