Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Not A Cowasaki

   Last week I told you about how my wonderful wife bought me a new computer. I'm happy to say that its performing up to my expectations and video editing is actually an enjoyable experience now. When I started this post I thought I'd snap a pic of the puter setup on my desk. It has a few led lights which I didn't think I wanted but now I feel their subtle glow and movement gives the beast some life. Nothing fancy, just a few lights that rank it somewhere between the Space Odyssy monolith and Pink Floyds "dark side of the moon" album cover. Unfortunately my desk is a mess and getting a decent pic really is out of the question. "Why not take this opportunity to clean your desk", you ask? Cuz its a drag and I don't feel like it right now. What could possibly be covering my desk? Heres a partial inventory:

Two Gatoraids, three beers and a redbull. All empty except one brewski. A full bag of Jalapeno & Cheese chips and an empty bag of Cheese & Jalapeno. Different brands just inverted names. Both yummy. Approximately 1400 feet of wire, cable and power cords that need to be better routed. Seven pair of glasses. Various Ubuntu operating system discs. Some important looking mail. A Cologaurd collection kit. Maybe I can do a video of me creating the sample for that kit. Various tools. Five dew rags. And finally my Star Trek science officer badge. 

 I'm kinda in an organizing phase here at my desk. Lots of things to sort out with the change from a laptop to desktop. Don't want to jump head first into it so I'll clean the desk later.


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