Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Are They Bugging You?

  This post isn't about customers that are bugging me. On the contrary, I know customers with their broke ass equipment are what help put food on my table. The ones being bugged are the customers themselves and the ones doing the bugging are actual bugs!

 If you've worked with 2 cycle equipment then you may be in tune with the sound an engine that has a plugged spark arrestor makes when its being pulled over. Not running, just during the time the cord is being pulled. What I really mean is the sound its not making. A plugged spark arrestor screen can prevent an engine from starting and makes the engine sound very muffled when pulling it over. I had one of these repairs the other day and this is what the exhaust looked like:

 That area right in the middle of the screen is where the exhaust is supposed to exit but its jammed with mud. The unit didn't just fall down and get mud packed in there.

You can see something was dwelling in there.

 The spark arrestor screen kept them from going any deeper into the engine and turning the whole thing into an insect super condo. A few minutes of cleaning and the machine was running good again. 

 I like puzzles and repairing these machines is like figuring out puzzles all day long. Theres always a reason, and usually a simple one, for the complaint the customer is having. Look over the entire machine and when you find something wrong then determine if its the cause or the result of a problem. Too many guys don't look at the whole picture and then they struggle. Don't be a struggler.


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