Wednesday, April 7, 2021

I've Been Egged

  A long time ago my wifes sister Brooke decided she was gonna hide a bunch of Easter eggs in my shop. I was still finding eggs three years later and because of the amount of cleaning and reorganizing I've done here I'm sure I eventually found all of them. This year she did it again but this time she told me that she hid 19 eggs. These are plastic eggs with candy or surprises hidden inside. Thanks Brooke! One of them contained a tasty little treat and after eating it I decided I wanted more. I did find more eggs and some of them had those same candies in them. Yum. Not sure what they are called but they appear in the blue and pink eggs in this pic.

 I'm up to 16 eggs. There are three more hidden in my shop and theres a chance they contain that magic treat. I can't waste time typing, I need to find those eggs!


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