Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Sales Logic

  I was thumbing through a major aftermarket parts suppliers catalog yesterday and noticed it was full of handy tips. OK most of them weren't handy to a guy that already deals with this stuff everyday but whatever. I read a few of them and this one stuck out because I can't wrap my brain around the logic. Now I may be making a fool of myself here by posting this when the answer is obvious to others but I'm gonna just go ahead and take that chance. Here is the tip from a page in the catalog. I added the emoji.

 How can ending the service life of a part increase its life? Sure it will last forever if you don't use it but thats not what we're talking about here. If I leave the old sprocket on when I replace the bar and chain won't that increase its life? If I replaced it I would have ended its life. Yes it is good practice to replace these parts together but doing so only increases the new chains life. The sprocket is just gonna continue to wear till its shot. Am I overlooking something? This was the second dumbest thing I heard yesterday. The first was from a customer looking at new chainsaws. They stated that they never let anyone use their equipment because they like to control the abuse, maintenance and fuel that goes into it. Wonderful. In the next breath they asked about the cost of a second chain in case someone hit a rock or something. If they are the only user then I guess we know who "someone" is.



  1. You have been reading that door stop Stens sends out.

  2. We aren't an authorized Stihl dealer so sometimes I use it to look up part numbers. Works good for the basic stuff.