Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Memory Lane

  I was gonna start this post reminding you of a visit I made to an antique mall but then I remembered that I never told you about that visit. That makes it really hard for you to remember anything because that visit is on a video memory card and you never saw it. So, let me start out like this: Hey, the other day the sun was shining so hard that I felt a need to go for a bike ride. Its like my civic duty to perform this task on this type of day. Anyhow, I decided to ride to an antique mall a few towns to the west. Sounds boring but this mall was actually the same location where my wife had picked up an old ratchet for me and I wanted to see if they had any other tools. I was also lookin for an owl fairy lamp but thats a whole nudder story.

 I did find some tools but thats not what this post is about. Its about things like this:

 Its an old wooden toy model stagecoach. Its not a particularly good example but it caught my eye because I made one as a kid. I think my grandparents gave it to me but that really doesn't matter. Just seeing it made me think of them and it brought back fond memories. Antique malls do that for me. I like wandering around and seeing all the old stuff from my youth. Technology has changed things and kids really have it easy these days. I'm not saying thats a good thing, in fact quite the opposite but that may be a post for another day.

 These "glass" grapes also brought back memories. This time of my mom. She was very much into crafting and I remember her making these things. She had some special resin and used it to mold a lot of different stuff. I suppose I drifted deep down memory lane because I never noticed the store employee walk up until she spoke, "Is everything alright"?

Yes ma'am, everything is just fine.



  1. If you did that in my neighborhood, they would call the cops on you 🤪

  2. I’m very glad you found a fond memory