Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Vacation Is Still Three Months Away

   Like many of you, I didn't take a vacation last year. Oh sure I had some time off but it wasn't the same and you know what I mean. That "time off" consisted of a lot of home improvement chores and not much time on the bike. Lately I've been thinking a lot about vacation. Not necessarily where or what, just that I want it to happen...soon.

 Unfortunately "soon" isn't until mid to late August for me. That means I need to chill out thinking about vacation or I'll drive myself mad by Independence Day. You know how when some jerk sings just part of a stupid song, like a nursery song, and you get it stuck in your head? You can't get that tune out of your head unless you sing some other song to try to bury it. Well at least thats what I do. I need to maybe take a few long day rides or an overnighter to try to bury the thought of a bike vacation until I get much closer to the actual departure date.

 Any excuse for a ride I guess. Still, none of this gets me any closer to hanging out with my buddies that I've been vacationing with for twenty years.


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