Thursday, September 12, 2013

Random Food Pics

 Someone asked me the other day if I ever move the pics off my phone. I don't do it too often and after deleting over a hundred stupid pics I still have over 400 in there. That seems like a lot but I bet many people have much more than that.
 Why do we take a pic of something and just walk around with it in our phones where nobody will ever see it? I take a lot of work related pics. Some to keep a record of something, some to discuss projects with clients and some of crap I build.
 I noticed a bunch of pics with a food theme. I don't know, maybe I'm just hungry right now and thinking about food.
I haul a lot of styrofoam containers this way. Usually at least three at a time.

Meet the "Princeton Monster". The local VFW puts on a fundraiser on saturdays. Their claim to fame is a brat voted best brat in the state. This bad boy is a burger with two types of cheese and then pulled pork on top. I like to add onions, bar b que sauce, and horseradish. Yum.
Cookie jar!

Heres one I created myself. A slice of banana with a raspberry and topped with chocolate. I call them sweet-rasnanas.

Thats right...a bacon covered ham.

My wife knew I liked this stuff so she ordered a case online. It never got here. We tracked the shipping and it just ended in St Paul. I think someone put a fork lift tine through it. I like to think its a big sticky mess on someones loading dock. I was finally able to secure this bottle directly from a restraunt.

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