Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mama Tried

 So yesterday I made it down to Milwaukee to the Mama Tried motorcycle show.

 There was a good representation of bikes there. Something for the dirt, track, ice and street. There were a couple really old bikes and a few show bikes but I think most everything there was ridden or raced on a regular basis. Of course the chopper scene was well represented.
 I was excited to see a lot of bikes that I was actually familiar with from following their owners blogs. I don't know these people but I did meet a few. I also met Brandon shown here on the right.

 Brandon and I know each other from vacationing with a group at the BuRP rally a few years in a row. The last time we saw each other was about seven years ago. We hadn't talked about meeting at the show so he was surprised to hear from me. Pleasantly I hope.  We spent a couple hours catching up and talking bikes. Its funny how a separation of seven years really doesn't change things. I mean a lot of things have happened to each of us in that time but we got along just like we've been hangin together all that time. The bikes were great but the time spent BSing with Brandon was what made the day for me.

 About the bikes. Ya know I sit in my little shop and dream up stupid ideas then apply them to a bike. What I was reminded of is paint. I'm not a good painter but saw a lot of cool paint work. As a budget builder I realize I need to step up my game in the paint department.

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