Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Rather Be Biking

 Last week I got a call from a customer looking for a quote on a small job. It seems they had a rain gutter problem.

 I think these gutters are supposed to be heated. For some reason this one seems to be a problem every year. The cones are there because there is a city sidewalk buried somewhere under that ice.

 I ran the SkyTrac while co-worker James ran a pick axe. Shortly after these power wires were exposed he switched to and electric jack hammer. Once the gutter was exposed we started chipping away at the huge layer of ice on the sidewalk. All the ice chunks were pushed to the street then plowed away with a truck.

 It was a lot of work but the end result was worth it. I hope it doesn't freeze over again because this job kinda sucked. Its tough working on ice when you are creating little ice chips that just make things more slippery. I landed on my ass once and James took at least three diggers.
 This is going down as one of the coldest winters on record. Sure it looks sunny in these pics but the temps were in the single digits. I'm ready for spring and looking forward to that first ride of the year.


  1. Screw that She-ot!!! Dude, I don't mind telling you that I have been running around in Short Sleeves during the day at Work and Baggies in the Afternoon/Evening after Work. I hate Cold Weather!!!! Hope it Warms up SOON for Ya!

  2. The only good thing about winter is...oh never mind. Theres really nothing good about it.