Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Evening Edition

 So my post this morning was all about a fuse that was cracked. It hid itself pretty good and was difficult to find that problem. JT posted he had seen that before so maybe its not as uncommon as I thought.
 Today I was working on another fork lift when co-worker Steve came over and asked me to help him diagnose a wiring issue on a Blizzard snow plow.
 I welcomed the challenge and began telling him about my wiring nightmare yesterday. His wiring harness looked pretty good. Pliable wires with good insulation. He had the same issue where you could wiggle the harness and get different results. There was a inline two fuse holder and I pulled one of the fuses just to see. It was good. He pulled the other one and this is what he found:

 It seems kinda weird that we found this same problem on two different pieces of equipment two days in a row, er no? At least I only lost half an hour looking for the problem. I think Steve got burned a bit worse.

 There once was a broken down plow truck
 The gremlins were winning and had us quite stuck
We were starting to lose
Till we found a bad fuse
 Now I'll always look there first and maybe have good luck.


  1. Are the forklifts the same brand? Maybe the type of fuses they used from the factory are prone to that type of failure. Maybe operating vibration causes it? At least you found it quicker on take two.

  2. One was on a fork lift the other on a snow plow. I've decided the reason for failure is the fact the wires going to the fuse are allowed to flex. One was a 4 amp, the other ten. When the wires flex, the terminals flex side to side. This breaks the small wire fuses.