Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saturday Ride

 I got out for a ride on saturday afternoon. It started out a hot humid day but didn't stay that way. I saw a lot of "steering clouds". Steering clouds are the big dark ones with rain and lightning bolts coming out of them. I steer away if possible. I did manage to get wet and then dry out three separate times on this ride.
 The theme for this ride turned out to be murals.

This one is in Neshkoro. Its ten miles from my pad and I never noticed it until today.

Theres really a lot of things going on in this mural on the side of the public library in Wautoma. I may go back and take a closer look.

An ice cream shop in Nekoosa. This is very close to the paper mill. The smell from the mill is thick. So thick it almost becomes a topping on your ice cream.

This one is just a block away from the ice cream shop. A little further down the road is a casino. I made a small donation, drank free soda and used the rest room, then continued on my way.

 And back in my home town a few blocks from where I live we find the old Tiger Brew building. The brewery was established in 1857.
 The sportster held up well. Nothing fell off. I've ordered a tach so I can see how high shes buzzing on the interstate. More on that in the coming weeks.

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