Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sportster Bling

 If you follow this blog you may remember my sportster sissy bar build. The top of that bar has a shape that reminds me of an eagle head. I did a crude paint job on it to get a feel of what it could be.

Ya, I know, and I even rode around like this all spring.
  I've been gearing up to do sort of a sculpture. That means I borrowed some tools including a scroll saw and plasma cutter. Thanks Uncle Tommy. I started by making a wood pattern of feathers.

 If you squint real hard and hold your tongue just right it kinda looks like a feather. I made three different sizes and cut them out with the plasma cutter. That piece of steel used to be the top of my washing machine.

 Once I had my feathers it was just a matter of welding them onto the sissy bar. I was surprised how fast this project moved along.

 It still needs some grinding and sanding but not much. I kind of like the rough interpretive look. I'll get some paint on it with the ultimate goal of finding an air brush artist to give it some spice. I want it to look more like an eagle than a chicken.

 I still might not be done with the welding. I'm thinking about making it a "screaming eagle". I dunno. Maybe thats too cheesy. Anyway, It shouldn't be hard to find my bike in a crowd.

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