Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sportster Bling Update

 I couldn't think of anything else to write about today so I'll give you an update on the sissy bar bling.

 I did a little sanding and slapped some white paint on it. This is the way its gonna fly for now.
 Because of the way I welded the feathers on and left some space under them, they vibrate at certain rpm's. When I say vibrate I mean at hiway speed with a helmet on I can hear them rattle. Last night I sprayed foam sealant under a few of them to absorb some of the vibes. I'll find out on the way to work this morning if it helps.

 I'm not sure if I like the look of the headlight. I feel some ideas brewing for a mini fairing/headlight/dash kind of contraption. Not sure. Actually theres enough work that needs to be done before my Maggie Valley trip that I really shouldn't be creating more work.