Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back Cracker

 I've got back problems. Bulged disc, degenerative disc disease, whatever they want to call it. When I built the Rat Turd I picked a seat that fit my ass. I trimmed it so it fit just right. I mounted the seat with its own pair of nitrogen filled shocks. I placed the hiway pegs in a spot that allows my spine to bend in such a way that it takes pressure off my nerves. I made the handlebars with just the right bends to be comfortable for me. I rode this bike three thousand miles in one week last year on vacation. It works for me and my back feels better after a ride.
  Here is a pic of the cast iron seat on the bike. It looks like torture but that's not the case at all.

 So the other day I roll up to the chiropractor's office. I pull into the first available stall and step off the Rat Turd. There was an elderly gentleman sitting in the car next to me with his window down. He must have been waiting for someone. He looks at the seat, looks at me, looks at the seat again and asks if maybe that seat is the reason I need the services of a chiropractor. He was kinda a dick. I mean it could have been funny but he said it with such a "holier than thou" tone in his voice and a judgemental look on his face.
 If someone that rides is truly curious then I offer all the info I just stated above. I was already running a little behind so as I was walking away I just told him "The key is in it. Find out for yourself".
  When I came back out the bike was right where I left it. I guess Mr. Knowitall didn't take me up on my offer.
 Moral of the story...Keep an open mind and don't be a dick.

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