Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Needed a Lift

 At work there are four of us that fix customer equipment. Al does mostly bigger equipment and he has a hoist in his work area. Greg does mostly riding tractors and he uses a motorcycle lift table with side extensions. He also has an overhead hoist. James has a large workbench and also an overhead winch for repairing whatever is thrown at him. When I'm not out killing weeds or fertilizing lawns I'm in my corner of the shop also fixing customer equipment. Lately I have mostly been doing the handheld stuff like chainsaws, trimmers and blowers, but I also get into generators, pressure washers and push mowers. I have a large workbench and plenty of floor space but bending over and working on equipment on the floor has really got me down.
 I came up with an idea to build a lift table off of a post that is in my area. When I approached the boss about it, I said "I wanna build...". Thats all I got out and he said "OK". I like working for him.
 This is what I came up with.

There's a winch mounted above the post which is cemented into the floor. The winch cable drops down to a pair of plates with bearings that ride along the post. The plates have square tube receivers welded to the bottoms of them.

 The table can be removed from the receivers and any other configuration of table or lifting device can be added to either side of the post. For the most part I foresee just leaving the table in there.

 This table is great. Its so nice to be able to raise equipment to any height, pull up a stool, and get to work. Its funny how something so simple can bring so much joy.
 The lift has gotten the approval of most everyone in the shop, including the boss. The first day I had it done I had to go out and do some landscaping. When I got back he had a project torn apart on it. He agreed that being able to adjust the table with just a push of a button to whatever height is comfortable is really nice. Thanks Al for the four bulb florescent light you recently added above the table.
 One member of the shop jokingly gave me crap for spending time building this table rather than fixing a forklift that needs a head gasket. Sure it would be nice to have a fourth forklift available...sometimes you just have to prioritize. Besides, I've heard he uses the lift table when I'm not around.
 Moral of the story. If you're down and need a little a little lift.



  1. Then maybe I should go build me a mobile green lift table...

  2. Chill. I'll get around to fixing the forklift in the next few weeks.