Sunday, July 6, 2014

Long Weekend

  We've been busting ass at work this spring and early summer so when the boss said I could have three days off I was thrilled! Hmmm, now what could I find to do for three days. Oh ya, ride!
 I had originally considered a motorcycle camping trip but realized I still need to get the bike in order for BuRP '14. The shortest route to Maggie Valley, NC is about an 850 mile ride. In the early years I used to do it in a day. Then for a while I was doing it in two days. Later I was meeting up with friends and it became a three day ride down. The ride home has always been a straight shot on the interstate in one or two days depending on weather and how I felt.
 I'm worried about the sportster shaking itself apart on the interstate. Yesterday and friday I got a bunch of "testing" done including a few hundred miles of interstate travel. Al borrowed me a tach that clips to a plug wire so I could get an idea of my engine speed. I also mounted a mini tach I bought mail order. I figured between the two I should get a good idea of my rpm's. Huh, right. The mini tach fluctuates 500 rpm and the clip on gives different numbers at the same mph. I am starting to wonder if I have something crapping out with my ignition system.

 You know, with all the stuff vibrating off this bike, you'd think I was carrying a bunch of tools. I wasn't. Only two screwdrivers my brother threw in the bag a few weeks ago. Yesterday I finally had a premonition of pending disaster and decided to throw a few basic tools in my bag. Sure enough at one rest stop I was looking over the bike and the license plate bracket was cracked all along my weld. I needed the tools and some zip ties to continue on.

 Later on my journey I passed through Green Bay. Of course I had to drive past Lambeau Field, but I also stopped at the new Cabelas. Their stores are like museums and I like checking out the stuffed animals and fish. I picked up a dry bag that I plan to haul on the back of my sissy bar. This years BuRP rally will be the first time I travel on the bike for over a week without saddle bags. I like to have my "stuff" but I'll have to learn to pack a little lighter this year.
 Today I'll bring the sportster into my little workshop and put it up on the lift. It will get a thorough inspection along with a new clutch, some brake work and the remounting of my tool bag.
 Of course after all that work more "testing" will be needed.

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