Sunday, July 27, 2014

Smurf Piss

 The sportster is still in my shop on the lift. I finally got around to putting a new Energy One clutch in it. The wait was my need for a clutch spring compressor tool. Having never replaced a Harley clutch, I didn't know what I needed. Finally I went online a found the answer.

 Its really very simple. Tightening the center nut makes the wrench push on the round steel ring that I cut on the bandsaw. The ring compresses the clutch spring and allows for removal of a snap ring. Credit for this idea goes to some dude that goes by the screen name Dirty Don.
 Part of the install process involves pre-soaking the friction discs in the oil that they will run in. Energy One recommends using B&M Trick Shift, so thats what I got. I know this is just some fancy type F transmission fluid but I didn't know they dyed it blue.

 Smurf piss! The nice thing about having blue fluid is that certain individuals that like playing games like pouring oil under someones bike to make them think they have a leak, probably won't know or have immediate access to, smurf piss. Yes Bill I'm talking to you.
 So I still have to paint the primary cover and button things back up with new gaskets and seals. Later when I pull the bike back outside I'll adjust the clutch. Before that happens I need to pick up some other parts like wheel bearings, shocks and a few more maintenance items. I want to eliminate any potential problems that could ruin my vacation next month.
 Thats all for now.

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