Sunday, November 9, 2014


 Sometimes when I ride the sportster I like to rest my feet on the passenger pegs. This just gives me a way to change up the riding position and keep comfortable. On one such occasion when I returned my feet back to the forward controls I noticed something was different. Sure enough another part decided to go awol. This time it was the right foot rest. It got away and will be held for treason if ever found.  You may remember that the left foot peg played this game during my august vacation. It was caught trying to escape and has since been tried and locked down.

 That left peg may get paroled.  This is the perfect excuse for a little project. A chance to personalize the bike a bit more. There is no set theme to this scoot, I mean it has an eagle sculpture on the sissy bar and  rocket tail lights. Thats about it. I would love to carve something and then pour a casting but I'm really not equipped to do that. I'll have to think about it. So if you see me with my feet up on the work bench staring at them in deep thought, just assume I'm trying to figure out where to put my boots.



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