Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-The Ride Home

 On the way home from work last night I had some trouble with my car. As I accelerated from a stop sign while making a left hand turn I couldn't help but notice the rear end wanted to go right. I felt like the clown in the parade on the bicycle that steers with both wheels. When I let off the gas I heard a clunk and the rear end wanted to go left. Al happened to be behind me so I called him and told him to watch the back of my car when I gassed it. I knew by his reaction over the phone that things weren't good. We pulled over to investigate.

 It seems the arm that locates the rear axle to the frame is no longer connected to the frame. Much of the frame is rotten. I had recently discovered that the frame was bad all the way to the back by the hitch mount. At that time I inspected the rest of the underside and never noticed this. It seems to be rusting from the inside. Extreme bummer.

 In other news, I recently posted about ethanol and phase separation. I wanted to post this pic to better show what I was talking about.

 This is an extreme example of water in fuel. Greg pulled it from a customers snow blower. Surely all this water isn't just from ethanol but this is exactly how it looks in your fuel tank. When you consider most small engine equipment is gravity feed, it's easy to see how a small amount of water can prevent an engine from running.


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