Sunday, January 11, 2015

Thinking Cap

 Saturday was a lazy day. I spent the morning dinking around in the shop waiting for football playoffs to start.
 I've been working out some ideas for the Rat Turd. A few things are brewing but I really need to get this exhaust issue worked out.

 Even if I kept it all stock there are some cracks in the pipes that would need to be welded. I could make some type of 4 into one adapter. It would be sort of a manifold under the bike and probably be a bit restrictive but that really wouldn't matter on the little 550. I prefer not to go this route if possible. I am in the market for a used header that I can adapt a more "tractor like" exhaust to.

 I bought a 4" rain flapper for the top of the muffler. Just gotta work out exactly where to mount the can so as not to suck too many fumes or get burnt. I'm really diggin the looks of the muffler in this spot next to the seat. From a practical standpoint it may make swingin my leg a bit of a chore but really not any worse than a bike with a sissy bar or back rest.
 It's time to start searching craigslist and ebay.

Go Pack!

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