Sunday, April 26, 2015


 You gave me life and love and provided the things I needed to grow. You taught me right from wrong and set an example of how to be a good person. When I did screw up you were fair and understanding. As I grew, you accepted whatever direction I chose and you did not judge. Your love and generosity went above and beyond how a mother should treat her children.
 The last few weeks have been hard for both of us. You laid there helpless in pain waiting for the sweet relief passing would bring. We could do nothing but watch. What we saw was a strong, brave woman. You set an example for your children and grand children how to accept life and death. You gave so much and asked for nothing.

 I like this pic of you. It's from a long time ago but you look so happy. I'll remember you this way.
 I love you Mom and I will miss you very much. Rest in peace.

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  1. She sounds like a wonderful person . So sorry for your loss.