Sunday, April 19, 2015

Trailer Update

  I told you about my new 6 x 10 enclosed trailer purchase a while back. Hey I know it's just a trailer but it's my trailer. Something I should have bought decades ago but was too cheap to pull the trigger.

 When I bought it I knew I was going to need some places inside to tie things down. A few recessed floor hooks would have been ok I guess. The problem with that is there is never just the right spot for a strap. It's always a compromise. Plus the fact that I want to tie two bikes down side by side means I'll need more hook points.

 What I decided to do was purchase fifty feet of E-track. With the help of over 400 wood screws I secured the E-track pieces to the outer edges of the floor and also a few pieces across the middle. On the left wall you see another piece of track just above the four foot mark. This will allow me to secure a piece of plywood or whatever on edge if I already have something else in the trailer. Now I should have just the right tie down location for whatever I want to haul. I still might do something for storing straps and E-track clips but I really haven't given that much thought.
 Another reason I went with E-track was because as I mentioned I might want to haul two bikes or just one big bike down the middle. I found these wheel chocks online. They just clip into the track and I can put them anywhere I want.

 In theory it all seems so wonderful. I think this will be more than strong enough but the only way to know for sure is to strap the rat bike in and go for a ride down a bumpy road. Not today. The sun is shining and the road is calling.


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