Sunday, June 7, 2015

Gettin Organized

 It had been less than a week of new HD ownership when I got a call from the dealer that parts I had ordered were in. This is a good thing because one of the items ordered was a trunk organizer. I guess its about 60 miles to the dealer so a mini road trip was in order.

 Just look at this mess. I got stuff bouncing around on top of other stuff and glasses getting all scratched up. My fellow Harley brethren would be ashamed of this mess. Me, I just don't want the top case turning into a shit hole like the Kawasaki Voyager I had years ago.
 Installation is a simple matter of removing the liner and applying some sticky backed Velcro to the top edge of the case. After re-inserting the liner, a Velcro "hinge" is hung over the top edge. The three fitted organizers are now attached to the Velcro. The forth organizer on the back wall is factory stock and contains owners manuals and a tool kit.

 Ahhh, that's much better. A place for everything and everything in its place. I can still fit two helmets or two twelve packs in here.  For me the whole purpose of having a trunk is being able to do daily chores on the bike. This should work.

 Today my youngest daughter is graduating High School. Congrats Parker! Here is where I would normally insert a joke about getting luggage as a grad gift. No need. Parker already has plans to fly the coop and attend school in Oshkosh. Good Luck!

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