Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Who's Knockin At My Door?

 Ding dong. What the heck? Who's ringing my bell? That bell rings less than once a month, probably cuz I don't play well with others. Anyway I get up out of my lazyboy and find the neighbor standing outside my door along with some dude. This dude was dressed in such a way that he was obviously a biker. I stood there all cleaned up in a dress shirt not looking at all like a grease monkey.
 " You fixed my 30 year old snow blower once. Do you think you could help this guy with his bike?"
 "Certainly. Let's see what you've got."
 The bike was a big twin with points. The electric start was out but it was also a kicker. The concern was that the oil pressure light wasn't coming on when the ignition was flipped on. The bike wouldn't start.
 We'll call him "Rick". Not because I want to protect his identity, no, we'll call him Rick cuz if I remember right that was his name. Rick says he only has twenty miles on a fresh rebuild and I can see there are a few wires hanging out. I know exactly what's going on here cuz I've been there. The project isn't done but the excitement to ride out weighs everything else and you slap it together enough to ride into town. That's cool.
 We're working in the street and it's getting dark. I walk back to get some tools, my glasses and a flashlight. The neighbor supplies some bug dope. After 20 minutes of tossing ideas back and forth along with some inconsistent results with a test light, we determined there must be a bad ground. Sure enough the negative battery cable was loose.
 One or two kicks later and the v-twin roared to life. Rick rode off to enjoy his fresh project. I strolled back into the house and flopped down in my big comfy chair and the neighbor did whatever neighbors do.
 If the doorbell ever rings again I prefer it to be something like this rather than someone shoving their wares or political ideas in my face.


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