Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Workshop Wednesday-

 I usually write this blog the night before a post. Not last night. I forgot all about The Greasy Shop Rag. Why? No particular reason. I got home late from work after stopping to look at some projects for customers. Its kinda a nice excuse to go for a ride after work.
 So now you get the condensed version because if I babble on I'll be late for work. Not that it matters. The boss doesn't look at that kind of thing. If you got something going on then take care of it. Unless it's gonna screw up everyone elses schedule it's cool. Well this is important business so I'll keep typing.
 I checked my lottery numbers earlier. Things are looking up. I matched 2 numbers out of six. Thats the best I can remember doing in a long time. It doesn't pay anything but sometimes you just gotta make the best out of tiny improvements. At this rate I should win something from the lottery in 150 years.
 Work has been very busy. Trying to keep customer repairs done in a timely manner while James and I also try to get caught up on our lawn applications is a real challenge. So far we haven't had many whiners. The weed control portion of the business has grown quite a bit this year. (Get it. weeds, grow. ya, its still early) After some discussion with the boss we decided to add another spray rig to the crew.

 This hooded sprayer will be mounted on the front of a tractor and will be interchangeable with the one we already run. It will be nice to run two machines at once and really start getting caught up. Worst case is we have a backup to the one we run now. They are reliable machines but we are committed to doing so many accounts that it always bothered me that a breakdown could really set us back a long time.
 Well thats all you get. I need to get my new bike at the shop so the birds have somewhere to perch. Apparently the old bike wasn't good enough cuz they won't leave this one alone.

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