Sunday, July 19, 2015

Appleton HD

 Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of Appleton HD. Part of their celebration was an offer to pay for up to $20,000 of one lucky winners new bike purchase made between march and yesterdays bash. That lucky person was not me. I won a can koozy. I did get 20% off some nice rain gear for both me and my wife. After that first rain ride we had together it was decided we should both have some decent wet weather gear.
 The band was good and played music I actually knew the words to. They also had a pig roast that was delicious.
 We arrived shortly after 10am when the prize drawings began and stayed till 330 when they called that lucky bastards name. We had a lot of time to "people watch" and here are a few observations from the event. These just relate to me and how I fit in with this crowd. First, we were the only people without tats. Ok maybe that's not true but we were in the minority on that one. I wear black jeans. I might still own a pair of blue jeans but to be honest I don't even know if I could find them. I saw one other person with black jeans and that was a chick. Faded blue jeans and a Harley shirt was the preferred dress code. It doesn't mean nothing, just an observation. We also walked the lines of bikes to admire and get ideas. Not one other bagger had saddlebag bras on the lids. I put them on because my wife kept having to apologize for dragging her boot over the paint as she dismounted the bike. I think they look alright and fit in with the look of my bike. Now that I have them on there I'm thinking about having some custom embroidery done to them. Not sure exactly what as I just came up with the idea. Anyway, I guess I'm not the typical hd rider. I may need another glass of that special koolaid.
 That's all for now. We're gonna hop on the bike and find brunch somewhere. Have a great day!

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