Sunday, July 12, 2015

Paducah for Ribs...

 ...At least that was the plan.
 See, my wife and I have three daughters. As each one turned 18 they were offered a vacation as a birthday present. I don't remember where the first two went. Maybe Mexico, Chicago or a cruise. Beats me. My wife took them. Parker decided she wanted to got to a "One Direction" concert. They're playing in California and my wife took her. That opened up a weekend for me to put some miles on the new Ultra. The plan was to ride down to Paducah on Saturday and ride back today.
 The boss gave me Friday afternoon off and I used that time to ride to Cedar Rapids and visit Scott and Debbie. We had a nice visit albeit too short. We had plans to do breakfast on Saturday but I changed those plans when I woke up and saw the weather radar. If I continued south I would experience half a day of thunderstorms followed by an afternoon of 95 degree heat. The rain wouldn't have bothered me too bad but the idea of riding in that heat isn't appealing to me. If I got on the bike and headed north immediately I would avoid all the bad weather. I decided to get on the bike and ride back to Wisconsin where I enjoyed some very comfortable riding conditions.
 I regret wussing out and not following through with the origin plan. Oh well. I'll be in Paducah in a few weeks.
 The good news is that I still managed to put almost a thousand miles on the bike Friday and Saturday. The better news is that if I can keep motivated I plan to clear a path to the Rat Turd and finish welding up that fuel tank. I might even get around to putting that new back tire on the sportster but I'll get none of that done if I sit here behind a keyboard all morning. Later.

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