Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day

The original plan was to work Saturday morning and then get some work done in the garage at home. Maybe later I would fire up the grill. That all changed on Friday when I casually asked the boss if needed me for the weekend.  He said, "No. Why don't you take your wife on a bike ride." Sweet!
The weather was so nice it seemed like a waste to work in the garage so we hopped on the bike and rode.
About an hour in we decided to pull over for a break. A casino makes a good stop. Designated bike parking,  clean restrooms,  free pop and a chance to win big. And so we stopped and enjoyed all these things.
After riding some more we decided it was time for dinner. Drinks seemed like good idea so we decided to find a hotel with a restaurant and get off the road for the night.  I enjoyed prime rib and my wife a delicious tenderloin.
Like most cities there were celebrations and fireworks. We enjoyed live music, drinks and we're preparing for the evening light show when I spotted a movie theater with a Terminator banner. The huge crowds in the streets really are not our style so we stepped in to watch Arnold protect Sarah. This theater has two seats that are in the back and raised high enough so your view isn't blocked by anyone. We enjoyed being big shots in the VIP seating because nobody else was in the theatre! When we walked out the crowds and vendors were all gone. You would have never guessed that just two hours ago the streets were packed with people celebrating Independence Day. 
 This morning it looks inviting as I peak out the hotel window to check the status of the bike. We're not quite empty nesters yet but we're getting some good practice in.

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