Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Workshop Wednesday-Damn Forklift

 About  six months ago I tore apart a forklift that needed a new head gasket. Things got busy at the shop and I chose to work on paying customer projects rather than this lift. We have three or four others so it wasn't even missed. There were a couple of factors that finally motivated me to get back on this project. One was the fact that it has been pushed around the shop a few times, the engine was opened up and parts may have been getting misplaced. Another was the fact that we have two going out on rent soon so we would technically be one short around here. The final deciding factor was that we have some guys in the shop that can't come up with any fresh material for their act and I was sick of hearing about the dead forklift in the shop.
 Somewhere in that mess is a forklift engine. I finished the repair and it has been running fine.  The better news is that I passed the torch to James and he can be the new forklift mechanic.

 I'm certain he'll make sure all repairs are done in a timely manner unlike the slow pace at which I perform them. Heck, he'll probably even do preventive maintenance on them so they never break down!
 Have a wonderful day.

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