Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Workshop Wednesday-Spring Has Sprung?

 I haven't talked much about work lately. We had some very warm weather last week and that made things pretty dang busy around here. Everyone was rushing around trying to get ready for Spring. I'm about three projects behind and it's the same story with each tech in every corner of the shop. Add to that the fact that some of us need to balance landscaping projects with shop work. Then there are customers in the store front that demand attention. On top of all that we are having a big sale next week and have to prep for it. Luckily, it cooled back down to near normal temps and it has been raining. That bought us more time.
 So enough whining, ya we're busy but not so much that we can't take a minute to add some fun to our day. This guy showed up on my bench the other day.

I'll keep him around for now.
 I was visiting my Dad yesterday and he showed me a few of his most recent wood carvings. I've featured some of his pieces on this blog and they amaze me. Here is a vase that really blows me away.

The light colored wood is poplar. When I first spotted the piece I thought it was marble. I can't believe how polished and deep the appearance is of this wood. This pic only hints at its true beauty. The old man really has got some talent.